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Postman Pat: The Movie Review

Blimey. Postman Pat: The Movie.
My rating: 5.5/10
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"Well this blog is called Super Quick Reviews so I'll try my hardest to make it quick.
Getting my personal grudges out of the way first. It's computer animation, rather than stop motion. The original series, even up until the later ones had the stop motion animation charm. That charm includes the small touches to the animation of Pat's delivery van. That charm includes the little flicker of fabric/cloth of the characters clothes or hair between frames. That charm includes the beautifully made scenery that feels just a bit real because.. well, it is.
That's all gone. So don't expect that. This is something completely different

Let's start with saying this seems like a perfect 'Hollywood' movie. I don't know the ins and outs of pacing in these big films, but the emotion, the up and down and then musical number is just typical 'family feel good movie'. I'm sure it's just been storyboarded over some other feel good film. The laughs are where you'd expect, the tears are where you'd expect and so on. You go through a seemingly calculated amount of emotions throughout the film.
The drama and music was so intense it felt like I had no control over what to feel. I HAD to feel what they told me...
Saying that, the subtle animation of both Pat's body and face were well done and something the Stop Motion could never achieve.

I'm trying to keep this short but it is very difficult. The pacing of the original series will never return, Pat calmly delivering post and sorting out peoples problems died about 10 years ago. It's been a rush with helicopters and such for a little while now and people have had to deal with it. So don't be crying when this film goes a new height with chase scenes and explosions.

It does what any good movie adaptation should do. It expands the characters personalities, is funnier, on a bigger scale and of course has epic music.
Even the music is perfectly typical *sigh*
Pat and his wife are actually really likable in this film. Pat is so lovable that it really does seem like a nice tribute to his personality throughout the series. His sad animated expressions and brilliant voice acting from Stephen Mangan all create a character to support. Sadly the original voice actor did not reprise the role.

Second to loving Pat, this film was quite funny. I did find myself laughing at some of the slapstick and Simon Cowbell dialogue. There are some really nice little touches in there.

I'm half/half opinion about the different singing voice of Pat. In some way it kind of works as a joke.... but in some other way, it was a terrible idea.

Overall this film was a robotically engineered joy. Everything is to the ball of perfectly samey family feel good movie that you've learnt to love, recognize, get bored of, but still except.
What makes it special is that it's bringing a lovable character to the big screen and giving him some more humanity (Which I never expected it to do). All he wants to do is show his wife how much he cares about her and be a good postman in the community. The dialogue of these characters is actually pretty good. (For the first 20 minutes at least)
It also has a few laughs along the way so I'd....... I'm scared to say this... but I'd possibly recommend this film...

Yes, it looks like a Video Game of Postman Pat which means it should never be recommended... But I think there is enough heart in there to say, have a watch.
But remember, it's so typical you might just notice it.
*Musical number and everyone happy again after misunderstanding and beautiful speech*

BUT, as an original series fan, I will probably never watch this film ever again because it is sacrilegious unless it is forced on me."

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 48%
IMDB Rating:4.6/10

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