Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let's be Cops Review

Let's Be Cops
My Rating: 5/10

"I really like Jake Johnson as an actor, he seems to choose great roles and performs well. But Let's Be Cops probably won't stand up as memorable in his IMDB.

The problem is, the idea is unique and fun but can only be taken so far. The characters insanity is very funny, how far they will take pretending to be police. But so much of it has been done before and eventually, once they are pretending enough it just becomes another police spoof.
As we all know there are plenty of them around. So I end up finding myself comparing this film once again to Hot Fuzz, The Heat, Naked Gun and 22 Jump Street.
It's fun as you'd expect but has no real emotional grip and not too much to really laugh or even smile about. Once they are police, the police jokes don't compare to those of other films. 

Let's Be Cops is not as funny as The Heat but it's unique idea holds it up.
I'd say this is a 'If it's on TV give it a try, but don't bother with purchase"

Here is my The Heat Review " 

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 18%
IMDB Rating:6.6/10

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