Sunday, 11 January 2015

These Final Hours Review

These Final Hours
My Rating: 4.5/10

Some spoilerings in this one

"Shot in the place I grew up I was curious as to how good this biggish blockbuster film would be. Some interesting films have come out of Australia in the past and I was hoping this would be the next one.
Unfortunately, it's not the best film ever. No, it's not even the best end of the world film ever. But it's not bad. My problem is the acting of the two leads kind of carry it. The main dude, Actor Nathan Phillips portrays every emotion he can brilliantly. You can clearly see the hurt and thought processes going on in his mind. His chemistry with the little girl is good, but could have been fleshed out a bit more in the script. 

The party they go to in the film is a good touch for atmosphere but any story progression there just seems weak. Shouting at a girl and her brother we don't care about that they're underground bunker is not deep enough. For me, that scene did nothing.

Some generally emotional scenes include the family in the library and the lead character discovering the death of a relative.

The ending felt off to me. We needed more involvement with the lead and this love of his before he decided to return to her. It was a nice feeling but not impacting for the viewer. He should have stayed with the little girl, whose relationship with him had been built up on screen.

My only other issue is, with all of the violence and destruction... why is every house you see in this film a massive, clean, beautiful, italian house with an orange tint effect. Where is all the rioting? It seems to be happening elsewhere in the film, but not by these homes.
I know there are grubby looking houses in Perth so I find that to be a weird creative decision.

But anyway, the story makes sense at least, even if it's a little bit stupid. If you're an end of the world movie watcher I'd suggest it. But for some more impacting emotion I'd suggest 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' which has a better version of the ending."

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 89%
IMDB Rating:6.6/10

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